Best Ways To Upcycle Old Concert T-Shirts Yourself | Crafting Ideas

It is very likely that you have collected quite a few band t-shirts over the years. Now, they are getting old, ratty, outdated, and you may not fit in them anymore.

So, what should you do in this situation?

Of course, throwing your old concert t-shirt away is the last thing you want to do. The best course of action is to upcycle old concert t-shirts into something usable, while keeping the sentiment intact. Here’s how you should do it;

Make Choker T-Shirts

If your t-shirt has holes below the neckline, the best thing you can do is cut pieces of the t-shirt out and make it into a choker t-shirt. Choker tee is an undying trend that you can adapt yourself using your old torn t shirts anytime. Just make some cuts for trendy fashion wear in your collection.

Make New T-Shirts Out T-Shirts

If you have a lot of concert t-shirts, use the t-shirt as a pattern to make new ones. Just cut the sleeves and the bottom part of the shirt and sew it in place with matching thread. It is so easy to do, and everyone will be impressed with your sewing skills. While it may require you to choose the right color to match the patch, it is worth the effort.

Make Dresses

You can make your own dress using your old concert t-shirt. Just cut it into two halves and sew them together with more material, or use the shirt to make a corset or a mini skirt. You could also sew the design into your favorite dresses or hoodies to give a new look to an old designs. If you have oversized band shirts, you can cut the sleeves to make a long dress.

Make Throw Pillows

Turning your old t-shirts into throw pillows is the right choice if the sleeves are ruined and the bottom has frayed off. Just take what’s left of the t-shirt and sew it together with matching material. Then stuff the inside with fabric scraps, cotton, or pillow fibers. Perfect!

Make Quilts

You can make quilts from old concert t-shirts, especially if you have a collection lying around at home. Just cut the sleeves and the hem the bottom part of the shirt, then sew it together using matching thread for an added effect. Now, it’s time to catch a good night’s sleep with your favorite bands, quite literally!

Make Tote Bags

If your old concert t-shirt is beyond repair, then it is the perfect material for tote bags. All you need to do is  cut off the bottom part of your shirt, and then sew one end onto a fabric bag or even a plain canvas – as long as it has handles. You could also embroider some designs onto these bags to add new fashionable flair.

Make Headboards

If you have old concert t-shirts that are falling apart, you can use them as a headboard for your bed! Just get a good collection of band logos from the worn-out t-shirts and sew them into a beautiful band headboard. It will upgrade your room’s aesthetics and inject it with a good dose of nostalgia.

Make Skirts

You don’t need to buy new clothes just because they are out of fashion. You can simply turn your old concert t-shirts into adorable skirts! Just cut off the bottom part of the shirt and then sew it around, making a lovely skirt that will go great with any outfit! Make them in different colors to match all styles in your wardrobe. You could also add some lace ruffles to these skirts to give them added spunk

Make Scarfs

Using your collection of old concert t-shirts, you can make lovely scarfs. All you need is to cut out the design part of the shirts and then sew it onto a scarf (or even a plain piece of fabric). You could also embroider some designs onto them to really make it pop.

Make Tank tops

Make lovely tank tops out of your favorite band t-shirts – just cut off the sleeves, and a section of the hem, and wear it on any occasion.

Make Hats

You can turn your old concert t-shirt into a funky hat, too. Cut off the sleeves and a part from the hem of the t-shirt. Use the remaining t-shirt and sew it  onto a piece of fabric. Now, you have a lovely hat that will go great with any outfit!

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