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Do you happen to possess old video games, DVDs, CDs, electronics, gaming consoles, or media but don’t know where to sell them? Hurry to our Mega Media Xchange store in the Milwaukee area and sell your collections with us! We are the biggest video game selling center around your city with the largest inventory of precious collections of this century. We are constantly buying old and used items to add to our current inventory and we invite you to be a part of this too.

Mega Media Xchange offers instant cash for used collectibles at a fair price. We have an expert team ready to test your items to determine the right value based on the condition, quality, age, and appearance. We assure a high return value that is competitive and many other options that you can enjoy at our shop.

Note that we offer the same amount of cash as in-store credit. Many of you want new items in exchange for your old ones. After beating the same video game so many times, you must be looking for a new game to beat. Our services set us apart from the rest of the shops as they offer you more in-store credit than cash, but we offer the same amount every time you want your in-store credits turned into real cash.

So, bring everything you want to sell (except your house and car) to any of our branches in the Milwaukee area and earn decent bucks in a competitive price range.


What We Deal With

We love to keep a wide range of merchandise from all eras. Our inventory is the largest one in Milwaukee and we keep everything arranged by age, type, and category. We are willing to bet that you will stay a while. Here is what we usually keep in our stock;

Video Games

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Game systems

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How Selling Happens at Mega Media Xchange

The whole process is actually quite simple, yet you are going to love it! We try our utmost to provide the best value to our customers that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Selling your used items to Mega Media Xchange is a great way to get instant cash with a better deal than you will get from our competitors.

So, just bring your items to any Mega Media Xchange point in the Milwaukee area and our staff will guide you to our testing room. There, our expert team will test and evaluate the items as swiftly as possible for quality and price. You can just sit back and enjoy the whole process. If you have a load of stuff to sell, we would love to buy and sell in bulk with our mega inventory.

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Enjoy the Most for in-store Credits

At Mega Media Xchange, we take pride in our in-store credit exchange system and try to be fair to our beloved customers. We always provide the best possible value for the used items you would like to sell us. Just to make the whole thing as simple as possible, there are certain things we would like you to remember before going in for in-store credits in exchange for your used games and electronics.

Evaluate Your Own Goods

Knowing the possible values of your used or old electronics and keeping them in tidy condition will help you get the best possible return in value. Mega Media Xchange is looking for decent qualities in the items we would love to buy from you;

  • TVs, MP3 Player (iPods), DVD Players, and related electronics: The highest value goods are properly functioning electronics that come with all parts and cables intact. We recommend you learn about the specifics of your items, model numbers, manufacturer details, and all the parts necessary to run them.
  • Music albums: Music albums are one of the most prized collectibles if it’s in good shape and is highly sought after. We would love to buy the original CDs and DVDs of popular bands, as well as rare and limited edition goods.
  • Stereo equipment: The best price would go for the pristine condition stereos that look clean and function properly. We suggest you check the market for the current value of these items and know their worth before selling.
Our Collection
  • Video Games: Mega Media Xchange offers the most cash for prized video games from days past that come with the original packaging and are in good condition.
  • Video game consoles: We would love to pay fair value for antique gaming consoles that are still functioning properly and look decent. Just make sure all the cables are intact and we are good to go. Also, we always encourage you to bring damaged consoles and gaming systems for a check. If it’s repairable, we will buy it for a decent value that won’t disappoint you.
  • DVDs and CDs: For these types of items, their best value depends on their condition. We would love to see popular brands and cult classics as they have a higher value margin. Plus, the return value jumps higher if you can bring them with their original casing.

We Welcome Broken Parts Too

Mega Media Xchange encourages you to bring any defective or broken item for a checkup. We will buy them for a decent value if they run after testing and if not, we may buy them at salvage value. If we can’t sell it, we will take the responsibility of recycling it for free, so you are contributing to the environment as well.

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