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Looking at the vintage toy from your childhood surely brings back memories and powerful emotions. That is if you can find those lost treasures again. We at Mega Media Xchange have a knack for finding rare and vintage toys for all ages, no matter what. If it’s your favorite toy, chances are you will find it in our collections.

Toys are items that stick with us from the earlier stage of our life. Toys can stop babies from throwing a tantrum or make adults indulge in the past for a moment of nostalgia. These are the most brought  goods all over the world and Mega Media Xchange has one of the richest collections of toys.

At our shop, you will find all kinds of toys, starting from the latest toys to items that were thought lost to time. We have a large collection of anime toys, pokemon toys, and many more to pick from. We have an overwhelming passion for toys and treat them with care.

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Mega Media Xchange has been in business since 1997. We are seasoned veterans in buying and selling video games, toys, music, instruments, and other electronics. Everything in our possession is in mint condition with no defects. Our expert team checks all items, especially toys, as toys tend to be damaged easily, to ensure maximum quality control.

Our collections of toys are amazing. Our clients have a wide range of toys in our collections. You can find vintage toys, old toys, modern toys, toys from the 1980s, and much more. We have everything that you can imagine. Check our inventory of toys to display antique toys in your collections or drawing-room.

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We offer the best prices for the toys you sell and we give the return on the same day. So, no need to go around looking for potential toy collectors. Just stop by Mega Media Xchange and get it done in no time.

We know that good toys don’t come cheap. In our inventory, we have rare toys from the 80s that cost a fortune now. We buy them from you at the highest price.

The prices of toys are changing every day. The value of toys depends on their condition, rarity, and age. We are professional buyers who can offer you a better price for your toy collection.

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Do you have a toy you no longer want and don’t know what to do with it? Come to our Mega Media Xchange store in Milwaukee and use our service to buy or sell  toys with other collectors. Our store is well known and has a long-standing reputation for trustworthy . Our specialty is in buy and sell toys over a wide range of selections.

Our collections are extensive and our team is capable of doing all the tasks involved in toy. We are experienced in buying, selling toys. We have all the tools needed to help you find the best deals for your toys.

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Your favorite toy is here at our store! We have all kinds of toys for sale; you will find them neatly packed under different categories inside our shop inventory. If you have any questions or inquiries about any toy, just feel free to ask us about it, we are glad to help you out.

Also, we provide an original manufacturer warranty for new toys and a 07-day warranty on used toys. So, you can feel confident about the product quality and enjoy the toys for tots in our collection as well. 


Have toys for sale? Mega Media Xchange is very eager to buy toys individually and in bulk from you. It’s very easy to dispose of your toy collections, be it old or new, at our shop for instant cash. Our expert team will help inspect your toys for any defects and calculate the right value for them. We especially buy and sell Anime toys, Marvel toys, and Pokemon toys as they are our most popular.

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