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PlayStation made a mark in 1994 with its cutting-edge technology, like CD-ROMs and 3D graphics that upped the ante for other popular consoles like Nintendo & sega. The PlayStation 1 – or PS1 – dominated for about six years until it was discontinued in 2000, changing how we viewed console gaming forever. Still, having yourself lost in those memories while tapping on the prime PS1 games can’t feel better than being younger again.

Getting your hands on those old PS1 games would have been difficult if the Mega Media Xchange store was not around. As the most popular video games buy-and-sell store, we have an extensive collection of PlayStation games, games consoles, and accessories. If you want to build your own PS1 games collection in one shot, then Mega Media Xchange is the right place for you.

We have all those vintage games from the early 90s to the last release in 2005. You won’t be able to help but fall in love once you step inside our store and gaze upon the massive selection of PS1 games densely packed on the shelves, followed by their popularity and release date. We sell them in mint conditions so you can rest easy while having fun playing at your home.

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Do you know how many games have ever been released for PS1? Surprisingly, a lot! There are more than 7900 PS1 games available where you didn’t even see more than half of the number? So, do you want to see them? Rush into our Mega Media Xchange store and check our giant collection of the best PS1 games for sale. We bet you will be stunned for a second by the sheer volume.

Mega Media Xchange is a big fan of PS1 games, and all our employees are veteran gamers themselves. Our inventory expands from the first-ever PS1 games to the latest gen PS5 games, game consoles, accessories, and other items. If you are looking to buy rare games for PS1 or trying to build your own collection, Mega Media Xchange is the only place that has what you need.









The oldest PS1 games we have are

  • Original Ace Combat
  • A.IV Evolution
  • Crime Crackers
  • Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack
  • Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku
  • Mahjong Station Mazin
  • Nekketsu Oyako
  • Ridge Racer
  • Tama: Adventurous Ball In Giddy Labyrinth
  • TwinBee Taisen Puzzle Drama
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix
  • King’s Field

These are but a fraction of video games from the first-release PS1 lineup in our inventory. Some of them are so rare to find that you won’t see another piece in years if not for us. We always buy and sell PS1 games as popular items, so legendary video games often pop up in our collections. Best keep an eye on our website if you don’t want to miss them.

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Why Buy At Mega Media Xchange

Mega Media Xchange has garnered a solid reputation for our vigilant customer service and knowledgeable personnel as a company buying and selling quality products in the video game industry. If you’re looking to purchase a new console, we can help you find the machine you need, whether for content or compatibility reasons. 

We have an extensive inventory of all PlayStation games sales, including outdated and vintage games that are hard to come by these days. Our team is happy to assist with any questions you may have about our assortment and help you find the game you are looking to buy. Our team is well versed in a massive number of PS1 games and may provide vital info on specific games to help you.

Mega Media Xchange is always picky about the items it sells or buys so that the quality of service doesn’t fall apart. We have an expert team looking into our collection of PS1 games to ensure every game that goes through our hands works appropriately. Unless there’s an issue, you can enjoy games from Mega Media Xchange as long as you want, and you will still find us if you decide to let it go again.

All used PS1 games come with a 7 days warranty period with the original cover and packaging. So, sit and relax while enjoying a nostalgic gaming session with your favorite pick.

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