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Feeling nostalgic has a lot to do with the DVD movies from our childhood. There will always be a favorite piece that we will watch over and over again that still gives us the same fun and excitement. If you want to watch those memorable DVD movies again today, Mega Media Xchange is at your service. We at Mega Media Xchange in Milwaukee have everything you’re looking for when it comes to new movie DVDs, or used DVD movies! 

We offer a comprehensive range of products, from CDs to DVDs and more. Our inventory includes DVD movies showcasing movies from half a century ago, to the latest releases. We love introducing new people to the world of movie culture! We’ve created a team of experts that can rival any other store in the area. Our purpose is to provide quality products, not only at competitive prices but with proficient customer service as well.

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When you’re looking to buy movies or movie collectibles, the sheer volume of what’s contained within our Mega Media Xchange store can be surprising. We have an overwhelming inventory of DVD movies in Milwaukee, so you are much more likely to find what you’re looking for!

Most of our movie collections come with the original packaging that makes them even more nostalgic. Yes, even the movies from your childhood are wrapped in the original boxes. As a popular item, you will always find us buying and selling movies and collectibles all around the town. Pretty much everything we have, like DVD movies, kids DVD movies, and movie collectibles, are in pristine condition. Also, our prices are cheaper to buy most of our movies rather than renting a movie from red box.





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Mega Media Xchange is well-known for its quality customer service. We are passionate about music, movies, and collectibles, just like you, are and our entire team is 100% dedicated to helping you find your match. When it comes to finding those rare collectibles or your favorite movie or band, we can direct you with all the expertise that only veterans can provide. Our staff will go out of their way to provide service to you like the VIP that you are and deliver any item right when you need it!

We always keep our shelves neat and clean for our customers to browse at ease for their favorite movie. Mega Media Xchange buys and sells movies with integrity. We have an expert quality control team over the products in our possession. If you feel like talking about your passion for movies, we are all ears!.

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Market Competitive Prices

At Mega Media Xchange, we are committed to providing everyday low prices. DVD movies, kids DVD movies, and related items can greatly vary in price depending on their overall value in the market, but our goal is to always remain fair when it comes to our pricing.

We are DVD movies and movie-collectible experts so you know working with us will get nothing but the most competitive pricing around! When it comes to buying movies or movie collectibles, we are at the top of our game!

Of course, not all products are of the same value. Here’s how you can quickly determine their possible worth;

  • Vintage DVD movies or Blu-ray– The most prized movies are Blu-rays and DVDs of movies from the past century. If the original box cover is provided, the value increases much more. We value skip-less DVD movies more in this category.
  • Kids DVD movies– These movies are hard to come by so we treat them as rare goodies. They are worth more than average DVD movies but less than vintage movies.
  • Box-office DVD movies– The most popular DVD movies are valued according to their release date.
  • Latest DVD movies– All the latest movies sell at a competitive price and we have the best prices available for them. They fall in the lowest price category but have a steady collection so there won’t be any shortage.
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