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Mega Media Xchange houses an extensive collection of classic and vintage DVD movies. We also have all the tools your family needs to have a fun time as far as accessories go! And if you’re looking to buy or sell items online, then Mega Media Xchange is the place for you. We take great pride in allowing customers to swap DVDs, regardless of whether they decide to come in person or shop from the comfort of their home with Amazon, eBay, or Reverb, just to name a few trusted e-commerce sites.

Movie enthusiasts in Milwaukee have known for years that we’re the best place around to buy cheap used DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. If you’re looking for action, adventure, romance, or humor, you can find them all at our store with an inventory of several thousand titles. We also have a great selection of hard-to-find oldies, arthouse indies, and foreign films, along with the latest popular blockbusters!

We have the best prices on DVD movies, kids DVD movies, classical DVD movies, as well as vintage goodies that are hard to come by. Mega Media Xchange is known for its vast collection of new and used DVD movies for sale. Look no further; our store’s chances of finding your favorite movie from the 80s are pretty high!

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Why Buy Movies From Us

We have been in the movie business since 1997, and we always prioritized our customers over profit. That’s why so many people love Mega Media Xchange today. We have a massive collection of movies ranging from vintage clips to the latest releases, and our inventory never runs out.  We do business non-stop. Buying from us gives you quality products and a 07-day warranty on used movies so you can just sit back and relax with your favorite title.

The movies we offer come with several perks:

Competitive prices that cost way less than the market average.
Scratch-free movies in pristine condition so you can enjoy seamless movie sessions.
With our expert team and best care, all movies are stored carefully with no degradation in quality over time. So, you can buy movies that are identical to a brand new piece but cost way less.
A wide range of selections makes it possible to complete your favorite movie collection at home. Time goes on, and most movies are lost in the online world. But you will find them at Mega Media Xchange anyway.
Original movies covers and boxes with original stamps that add more value to your collections.

We value our customers as much as we love our passion for movies. Mega Media Xchange will provide the utmost support with its qualified expert team at your service.  We love seeing your happy face when you get your hands on the desired movies you were looking for. We are committed to outperforming your expectations.





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Sell your Blu-Ray Movies!

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Do you have an old collection of Blu-Rays that you just don’t have time to watch anymore? Why not sell them? Come down to the best pre-owned media store, Mega Media Xchange. Not only will we give you cash, but we’ll also guarantee your old DVDs will go into good hands. We offer competitive prices, and we pay fast. Just grab anything you have and come to our store; we will gladly strike a deal with you.

Not interested in selling? How about exchanging your Blu-Ray movies for anything else? We have a wide range of selections so you can exchange for in-store credit for your used Blu-Ray for anything you like, adding the proper value of the items. We also encourage bulk sales for new and used DVD movies as our inventory allows us to eat more than we could chew.

Our usual items include;

  • Blu-ray movies
  • Kids movies
  • Vintage DVDs
  • Classic movie collections
  • Original box covers

Stop by Mega Media Xchange and sell your new or used Blu-rays for quick cash today.

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