Mega Media Xchange has the biggest collection of quality video games, game systems, and accessories in Milwaukee. We sell our products at the best price and always try to be competitive. You can save a lot by buying a new set for less,  and enjoy quality used items that are tested by our expert team for QC pass. We also provide a 7 day warranty for all used products for your peace of mind.


Everything Buys and Sells

Mega Media Xchange hordes a wide range of electronic products and gadgets ready for sale. The list of items ranges from retro to modern. You will find all the famous retro video games, music, and hardware in our shop in Milwaukee. We also buy these items from you at the best price for both parties. Below are the items we usually sell at our store

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The Best Place for Used/Old/New Video Games and Electronics

Looking for a place to buy used video games, consoles, CDs, and DVDs? Stop by Mega Media Xchange and get everything you desire under one roof.

What we offer:

  • Immense Collection– When you peek into our collections, you will find a colossal amount of lost treasures – even the games and music that were your favorite back in the ’80s. Each and every item lurking in our collection has passed the quality test at least a couple of times through our expert team. We are always collecting vintage and modern collectibles so you may find unexpected treasures around our shop.
  • Talk to Expert Staff– Mega Media Xchange is a big fan of classic and retro video games, media, and electronics. We love them as much as you do. Everyone working here is a walking Wikipedia of games and media. You can ask them for help or have an open discussion about your favorites. We encourage conversation. Ask for advice, we are happy to help.
  • Affordable Prices– At Mega Media Xchange, you will find all collectibles, working pieces of electronics, new and vintage systems at an affordable price range. You can always buy used video games at a much cheaper rate than any retail shop. As we guarantee the products, you can enjoy them without worries. And if you are having a second thought about your purchase, feel free to sell it back to us. We have the most reliable refund policy.
  • Fastest Customer Service– We sell all kinds of media, DVDs, and electronics at our Mega Media Xchange store at an unbelievable price. Also, we have the option of exchanging goods for in-store credits. So, you can pick anything you want and enjoy sweet discounts by selling your old equipment. This is the fastest media buy-sell center in Milwaukee.
Online Shops
  • Closer to You– Looking to drop by Mega Media Xchange? Well, we are just around the corner next to your area. Find us in Brookfield, Milwaukee, Franklin, and Madison for an extensive collection of items. You can buy from our collections from these four locations at the exact same prices and service quality. Ours is a single store with just four branches.
  • Old And GOLD– Mega Media Xchange has been running the business for more than a decade now. We have years of experience, staff who have been rankers in the gaming community, and a huge collection of vintage goods. We also have connections to get you anything you desire – of course within the items we like to deal with.

Mega Media Xchange Is Unparalleled

Business is not something we do as a liability but we do it because we are passionate. Everyone working at Mega Media Xchange sees it more like a hobby rather than a job. We are committed to carrying out our mission, and with us, community matters. That’s why we are all ears to listen to your stories and share what we have experienced. The reason we have such a high level of customer service is that we care for your interests.

Our customers are regulars at Mega Media Xchange as we consider them as a community, not just a plain old shop. We will love to talk with you personally so that you can find what you are looking for easily. If you can’t find what you are looking for, no biggy, we are more than happy to spend time to satisfy your needs.

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If you want to buy from us, don't hesitate and come to our store in Milwaukee. You will spot our sign from a mile away. Just follow the open signs to find us, or call any of our stores.