How We Started

Mega Media Xchange first started its business on top of a failing store in 1997 in Milwaukee. From selling just CDs at first, we started evolving by bringing other collectibles in our buy-sell system. We expanded into two shops in 1998 and then added DVDs along with popular video games into our collection.

Mega Media Xchange along with its veteran team made a strong effort for over two decades to be what we are right now. We deal with almost everything that has value, whether it’s from years past or the latest gen. We created this huge community of people who put their trust in our products and all items that we sell here.

Now, we are the biggest supplier of new and used items such as video games, consoles, CDs, DVDs, music, stereos,  rare collectibles, and other electronics. We have almost everything from retro to modern collectibles in our collections, and all are neatly arranged for you to find them with ease.

New Products

We Evolved into Four Stores

Since our humble beginning, Mega Media Xchange opened branches in Franklin (2020) and Madison (2021), and we started bulk buy-sell services all over the city. Aside from electronics, games, and music, we also buy and sell pop figures and other toys at our store. We even have antique jukeboxes that people from the 90s’ may hardly remember. We evolved from a small pawnshop to the largest chain in WI..

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We also take in broken devices for safe and sound recycling. And worry not, you can exchange your video games at our store.

What We Offer : Mega Media Xchange is famous for its VIP customer service across town. We have expert veterans from the gaming world, and music enthusiasts, and pop cultists all gathered here to hone their passion. It’s not our business but our passion. Come to our store and spend some time observing our collections, talking to our expert workers, and testing video games, music, instruments in-house. Everyone at Mega Media Xchange is super friendly.

Buy : Everything we sell at Mega Media Xchange is 100% original and we assure quality products only. We have an expert team testing and inspecting all items before they enter or leave our shelves. Our items come with the manufacturer’s warranty (new items) for one year and we offer a 07-day warranty on used products, video games, consoles, and other electronics.

Sell : If you have anything to sell for instant cash, Mega Media Xchange is here for you. We will buy your old video games and game systems We will run a quick test and inspection on the item you are selling to measure its worth and will pay you in just a few moments. We work super-fast.

In-store Credit : If you do not feel like selling your items for cash but rather pick something else for its value, then Mega Media Xchange welcomes you. We are open to exchanging items for in-store credits for a wide range of products as a large part of our business. You can also sell goods for points to redeem them all at once for the best item of the day. We also move bulk items for buy or sell.

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Mega Media xchange Perks

All Mega Media Xchange stores have-

  • Wheelchair Access– We have wheelchair entrances and parking systems so that you can spend quality time in our store without hassle. Forgive us for not having deluxe toilets at the moment, but we will get that too.
  • Fixed Opening Hours– We mostly stay open from 11 am to 7 pm, so that you can pop in after work. No matter the weather outside, our doors are open for you. So, come and get your items anytime you want.
  • Credit Card Support– If you want to shop with us using credit cards, we are happy to offer a wide range of choices. We have credit card support for American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and VISA.
  • Staff and Customer Safety– Mega Media Xchange does not compromise on the safety of its staff and customers at any cost. We have our staff’s temperature checked daily, and always wear masks. We don’t force customers for temperature checks but a mask is a must. 
  • Other Facilities– We also have in-store pickups and delivery for the purchased items. We don’t do same-day delivery as per our policy. Please wait just a little while longer, your product is on the way.
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Opening Hours

Mega Media Xchange is a passion-driven store for buy-sell a wide range of items. We also have special zombie collections for video games, costumes, figurines, music, movies, and other items. But we are not zombies, we can’t keep the store open 24/7! 

Opening hours of Mega Media Xchange stores-

  • Madison 11am-8 pm Monday-Friday | 11 am-7 pm Sunday
  • Brookfield and Franklin – 11 am-7 pm Monday-Sunday

Mega Media Xchange

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We are not buying Pops.
19555 W.Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI 53045

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PrePlayed Xchange Madison West Now Open!

Reopened near Mineral Point Road! 

7964 Tree Ln, Madison, WI 53717

(608) 203-5595

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New Location Now Open

Outlet Store

Buying only Video Games, Game Systems, and Controllers.

6538 S. Lovers Lane Franklin, WI 53132

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We are not buying Pops.
3868 E Washington Ave, STE B, Madison, WI 53704

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