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At Mega Media Xchange, we have the largest inventory of precious collections, from retro to modern video games, gaming consoles, music, electronics, and art pieces. If you are looking for a place to sell old items for something retro or refreshing, we got you covered. We are the most popular buy-sell company with the best price range for a vast category of products. Just stop by Mega Media Xchange and have a look at our collections.

We are not a two-bits company but a highly reputed store, serving since 1997. We are driven by our passion and are strongly dedicated to quality and commitment. We have never failed to amaze our customers with rare collectibles, box pop vinyl figures, action figures, vintage gaming systems, and video games that they might have forgotten even existed.

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At Mega Media Xchange, we offer you-

Experience & Expertise: Everyone working here loves our collections as much as you do. We have seasoned veterans with solid experience in video games, consoles, music, art, and other electronics. Need an expert opinion? We got your back.

VIP Customer Service: Mega Media Xchange is famous for its VIP grade customer service since the beginning. Our team works around the clock and engages with customers in order to understand their tastes, opinions, and preferences. We are dedicated to satisfying your needs.

Best Deals: Want to sell your collections? Just come to our Mega Media Xchange store and let us inspect your item for a decent return price. We offer the best price range for all new and old items and electronics. We have a fair policy of buying, selling collections at a decent rate that you won’t be able to get elsewhere.

100% Quality Assurance: Everything in our collection is 100% functional and we guarantee quality items only. Whether it is a retro video gaming console or a DVD, you will find them working just like new. That’s why Mega Media Xchange has its own expert team to inspect every item before buying, selling or putting them inside our collection.

Social Engagement: We love how so many people visit our shop daily. Whether they are looking for items, advice from video game veterans, or just treasure hunting, we are happy to have you. We build Mega Media Xchange as a community for retro lovers to talk about hobbies and passions, as well as a place to get together. We really love it when someone comes inside to appreciate our inventory.

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Want to discover everything that we usually carry? Find it out in the category below to discover your favorites. At Mega Media Xchange, we like to keep it simple by neatly arranging all items and products into shelves. Each category has its own designated shelf so nothing gets cluttered here. Just come in and take a look, or see our website for items.


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Mega Media Xchange is the premier place to find a wide variety of used electronic media such as computers, DVDs CDs, video games, and more. Browse our collection with the help of our knowledgeable staff to find something whatever you are looking for in our treasure trove. With a full assortment of interesting gaming consoles, electronics, media, and memorabilia, you’re bound to find a product that fits your needs and budget.

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If your home is filled with old CDs, DVDs, video games, and other media that you’re no longer using, Mega Media Xchange can get rid of all of this unnecessary clutter. Sell your unwanted items here to get some quick cash while freeing up valuable space in your house as a bonus. Visit our store and meet our team and sell individual items, or call us to inquire about wholesale inventory for selling.


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Buying media from trusted members of an online community can be a fascinating, yet daunting endeavor. At Mega Media Xchange, our goal is to help facilitate safe shopping practices and reap the benefits that our veteran members have made available to you. At our store, you can buy items over different forms of media or exchange for any item, while earning points to redeem for rewards or save up for bigger purchases later on.


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