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Anytime you’re hankering to buy a new set of gaming consoles or sell your old DVDs for something even more nostalgic, just stop by Mega Media Xchange today. We are your long-lasting partner when it comes to providing you with products that you seek, and we offer a place to unload your unwanted items.

As a veteran buy-sell company, we also appreciate that you can’t always come to our shop yourself. So that’s why we made it possible to find Mega Media Xchange’s eCommerce stores on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Just buy everything directly from us using our trusted web vendors.

That way, you wouldn’t miss out on anything that’s happening at our store, not even the limited-time deals.

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Shop On Amazon & EBAY

Find our massive collection of movie and music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays on Amazon. We carry thousands of titles, including classic pops, vintage movies, town beat DJ, and everything else in between. Mega Media Xchange scored hundreds of positive customer reviews over the hot deals and low prices on all our products. Every used product that leaves our hands is guaranteed in mint condition and at competitive prices.

Simply log in to our shop on Amazon to find your favorite movie and music.

Shop on Facebook : Imagine logging into your Facebook account and seeing a notification about your long-cherished video game console on sale for a very low price. Won’t that be just amazing? As Mega Media Xchange opened its official Facebook page, it is time for you to receive updates on new, used, and retro video game consoles, games, and accessories with massive selections.

We provide updates on our current stock of video games, consoles, accessories, headphones, VR sets, and lots of other electronics on our Facebook page. We also post some of the rarest video game walkthroughs to jog your memory. Everything here is labeled properly, so there is no chance of jumbling them together. Just contact us through the page, and we will get back to you.

Shop On eBay | Raid Our Whole Inventory

eBay is the best place for a buy-sell company like ourselves to put their products for our showcase. We wanted to provide an in-door shopping experience to our online customers. This is the easiest way to pry into our massive collection without actually stepping into the store. Just browse all products until you find what you are looking for.

Find Video Games and Systems

Are you looking for popular and fun to play video games at low prices? Or perhaps you want a new pair of controllers for your Xbox? You should check our collection for the entire stock of retro to modern video games and consoles you can buy. Sometimes limited edition products pop into our shop, and you can see them on our website or eBay.

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Find Movies and Music

You can find our whole collection of movies and music on eBay as one of the most popular selling products. We have all CDs, DVDs, and Blue-Rays with a wide range of categories full of unique titles – everything in mint condition. We also have rare tapes that are so hard to find these days but have not decreased in value.

TVs and Other Electronics

Mega Media Xchange also sells high-quality used televisions and laptops at a very competitive price. You will find all famous brands in our collection, including some of the top-prized items like best gaming laptops or 4K TVs. We are open for wholesale items as well.

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More Than Your Average Pawn Shop

We have been experienced in selling quality video games, CDs, DVDs, movies, music, and electronics for over two decades, and we do not fall behind when it comes to the prices of our products. You will find everything here at competitive prices and at far less than retail shops. You can visit our shop locations or simply check out the official website, Amazon, eBay, or Facebook page for products.

We take pride in our expert customer service, and we always guarantee quality products. Buying from Mega Media Xchange won’t just let you save a lot but also makes you the proud owner of mint video game systems, TVs, and music that will entertain you for a long time.

So, get on our contact list or order your products online. We will reach you as soon as possible.


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