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Starting from retro, all the way to classical and modern hip-hop, Mega Media Xchange in Milwaukee has an extensive collection of all-time favorite music CDs. We also have a decent collection of vintage music CDs that you can’t find in any regular music shop anymore.  

Mega Media Xchange has been buying and selling music CDs since 1997 as its primary business. Through years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the media industry, we are one of the leading suppliers of music CDs in the town.

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Extensive Music CD Collection

Mega Media Xchange carries an impressive number of music CDs and collectibles in its inventory. Thanks to our expert teams and supporters, it took quite an effort to build this collection. We have both new and used music CDs with various genres. When you come to our store to check out our inventory, there is a high chance you will find your lost treasure here.

Also, we have a stack of 80s top-hit bands at our disposal. Simply visit our store and pick your favorites under one roof.





Sell Yours at Mega Media Xchange

If you would like to sell their unwanted CDs and make some extra money, why not bring them over to Mega Media Xchange, where we can either buy them from you or provide you in-store credits for them? We work with customers all the time who are looking for great deals on popular music.

Mega Media Xchange is one of the most trusted CD music stores in Milwaukee and has been in business for over two decades. We gladly deal with new and used music CDs at our shop. We buy them, sell them, as well as let you exchange them for in-store credits. We also offer our flexible exchange program, which means that we strive to be a one-stop-shop for anything related to buying and selling used CDs.

Brookfield and Franklin are the only stores that sell CDs. All stores buy CDs. 

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Buy Vintage, Used, & New CDs

Are you looking at buying vintage music CD covers, or looking for new band releases at a discount? Mega Media Xchange is the place where you can enjoy the best deals buying popular bands and hits from the 80s like “The Gambler,” “I Just Can’t Stop It,” “Conan The Barbarian,” and loads of classic retros.

Everything you buy is checked carefully by our expert team for any issues, so you can enjoy a skip-less music session non-stop. We provide a 07-day warranty for used items, so you don’t have to worry about quality.


Brookfield and Madison are the only locations buying CDs.

Do you have old music CDs you would like to sell? You can just visit Mega Media Xchange and sell your collection at a fair price. You can sell individual items or just sell wholesale; we can buy everything you have – assuming it is in good condition, of course. Our fair policies allow us to ensure the maximum benefits for our customers so that you can enjoy the best prices.

Exchange for In-store Credit

Are you willing to exchange your music CDs for a vintage music collection for in-store credits? That’s also possible at the Mega Media Xchange store. We encourage individual and bulk selling for music CDs and will welcome you to our store. After a quick test of your items to determine the net worth, we will follow up on your choice without a delay. We always work with speed and guarantee maximum satisfaction.

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Trust With Quality

We want you to be happy with your selection, so as we represent a variety of artists, it’s in our best interest to help bring their work to the public. Many companies do business through traditional marketing and advertising but we are not so interested in that kind of publicity. Our most important asset is our relationship with you. We’ve listened to the needs of our customers over the years and have developed relationships based on mutual trust and shared goals. 

At Mega Media Xchange, everyone working here is seasoned with decades of experience in the musical industry, and thus has vast knowledge. You can always ask them for guidance or have discussions over a cup of coffee. We’ve also put together some tips and tricks when it comes down to buying or selling your CDs so that you know what to expect in the process.


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