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Playing with vintage video game systems surely helps unwind all the pressure from the modern tech world, office, business, and daily stresses. Sitting in front of one of the retro game systems takes you back to when you were younger, but now they bring back more than just memories.

For the past few years, tech prices soared to new heights, and vintage video games and systems became even more expensive. In fact, it is not unheard of that cheap game systems from the 90s have recently sold for thousands of dollars. Enjoying retro games is fantastic on its own, but selling them for loads of cash is even more exciting.

At Mega Media Xchange, we are a bunch of retro video game systems lovers, working day in and day out to build the most extensive collection of video game systems in Milwaukee. You will find everything from the older game systems to the robust new game consoles of the modern world – you will find it here. You might even call us video game heaven because Mega Media Xchange is committed to serving the right piece of tech that will make you smile.

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It’s been more than two decades since we started buying, selling, and buy/sell video games and video game systems at the Mega Media Xchange store. We also happen to be the most significant buy/sell center in town for new and used electronics, media, instruments, stereos, and other things. We buy and sell with a wide range of items.

Stop by Mega Media Xchange to look at our extensive collection of new and used video game systems. We have those old Sega game systems that were discontinued after 2001, classic Nintendo game systems from the 80s, and some of the lost gems, including Magnavox Odyssey.

Since the beginning of Mega Media Xchange, so many people have trusted us because of our reliable customer service, and we want to expand on our reputation. Finding old gems is the specialty of our employees and they see it as their passion, rather than their job. We are so heavily involved in gaming tech that we can just keep talking about new and retro game systems all day long.

But of course, we don’t just buy and sell video game systems, everybody working at Mega Media Xchange has their own game system at home. We love seeing retro video game systems whenever someone brings them over to our store to check them out. As a passionate team of veteran gamers, we don’t cut prices if you sell your video game system to us.



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All our new products come with the original manufacturer’s warranty so nothing could go wrong. We also provide a 7-day warranty on used products, covering any defects or data loss. So, you can relax and enjoy gaming with the video game systems from us.

We also have an expert team to run several diagnoses on the products to ensure nothing comes out of our shelf having technical issues. Don’t forget to check our website as we keep updating our current stock there.

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All Game Systems You Are Looking For

Mega Media Xchange carries all popular and vintage video game systems. We have Sega, Nintendo, Xbox, Atari, PlayStation, and other game systems for sale. In case you are looking for something peculiar, we are happy to inform you that we carry some rare and vintage video game systems that would likely belong in a museum. Some of the old game systems we stock are older than two decades and still run like new.

  • Magnavox Odyssey is an extinct video game system that gave birth to the video game legacy. Most people don’t even know about it except for the veteran gamers from the 80s. It’s been over 40 years, but some people still find it more suitable for their noble taste.
  • Atari is the first game system for kids that made the whole world tremble with gaming enthusiasm. Its widespread popularity still makes it into peoples’ hearts even today. We have the video game system and supportive accessories to refill the fun box to shift your mood.
  • Sega & Nintendo both made it to the market at almost the same time to create a massive burst into the gaming world after Atari. Both systems are so old and complex, but you will never have less fun than playing with them. Mega Media Xchange has various gaming collections, including Nintendo video game systems like the SuperNES, Nintendo 74, Virtual Boy, and classics from Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, etc. 
  • Xbox video game systems are the new stars of the gaming world, with the latest gen Xbox Series X on the market. Inside our intensive collection, we have all the Xbox systems down to the first release version.
  • Play Station is the biggest rival of Xbox as a modern-day gaming console. It was released earlier than Xbox; this video game system impacted our gaming society due to the exponential growth of this technology. We have a vibrant collection of new and used PlayStation consoles in our arsenal.
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