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You are the proud owner of your giant video game and movie collection, but little do you realize that those discs have gone through a lot. Over the years, all kinds of fingerprints, dust, and light scratches may render them barely functional. Sadly, it is game over when you, full of hope, put them back in your console only to find them unplayable.

Yes, we all know the feeling. The good news is that Mega Media Xchange is the only shop who offers digital disc repair services in the Milwaukee area. We offer fast and quality disc repair services within minutes at our shop. We offer;

  • Video game disc repair
  • Movie disc repair
  • Gamecube games cleaning
  • BluRay disc repair

We are a buy and sell company known for quality customer services since 1997. We also offer disc cleaning and repair as part of our service, which makes us unique in that regard. If you have old video games or movies discs that no longer run, fret not as we have your back. Just come to our store for a quick disc repair. It only costs $2.99 per disc! We always offer the best prices for all our services.

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Digital Disc Repair Stations at Mega Media Xchange

If you picture disc repairs as a quick rub with a soft cloth, then you are entirely wrong. Discs have a delicate part where the data is stored, and it can be damaged with even the slightest bit of force. You may have tried cleaning them yourself at home and ruined a couple of video games and movies in that process.

At Mega Media Xchange, we take care of the task with special cleaning equipment. We only place them in the machines, and the rest is done automatically; no human assistance is required. This is the only way to ensure proper disc repair service without accidentally damaging them by hand.

VMI 3500A Machine

This single-feed disc repair machine uses AC Liquid for disc repairs and can go for 750 repairs with a single filling. Also, the device has VMI Buffing wheels that can run 2500 repairs before changing the pads. It takes only 30 seconds for a single disc repair and 60 seconds for deep restoration.

Hybrid Disc Repair Machine

Hybrid is also a single-feed disc repair machine that cleans of hard dust particles, grease, and scratches from discs. It is a fully automatic device with a compact design but with more power. Hybrid has an Advanced Optic polishing mechanism that ensures superior disc repairing and can run 300 disc repairs daily. The device operates between 30 seconds to 4 minutes, and the result is outstanding.

ECO Master Disc Repair Station

It is a fully automatic disc repair station for batch operations. The device can run 50 disc repairs as a batch with self-filtering water cycles. Just press start, and the machine will do the job silently. ECO Master can repair all kinds of discs, including Playstation 3, 4, & 5 video games, BluRay, movies, and GameCube games. It takes less than a minute for a batch disc repair and a maximum of three minutes for complicated repairs.

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Buy and Sell Quality Video Games and Movie Discs

While most shops are afraid of buying and selling old video games or movie discs, we are not. At Mega Media Xchange, we have the best repair stations in action for repairing, cleaning, and restoring old discs. Every video game and movie you will find here have gone through our expert team for repairs so that you won’t find any scratch on them.

We will fix your DVDs, CDs, and BlueRay discs with lots of dust, fingerprints, and light scratches. In case the disc is bent out of shape or a dinosaur rolled over it, we say it is beyond repair. But we can repair most of the discs and restore them to their former glory.

You can also sell video games and movie discs at Mega Media Xchange, as we often buy from our customers at fair prices. Just let us take a look at your items and see if they need repairs. Don’t worry about the repair fees, as they are less than a whole chicken. 

Or, if you have your personal disc collections at home that need polishing, bring them over to our shop, and we will repair them at a fraction of the price. Our services include all types of disc repairs, no matter the type and age. We use delicate machines for running repairs with much care to not damage the product.

We bet you won’t find any place better than us for providing quality disc repair service. 

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