12 Best Classic Horror Movies You Can’t Miss

Are you looking for the best classic horror movies of all time? Horror movies are one of the most popular picks, with over 100 years in the film industry. Anytime you need a thrilling experience, simply play one of the horror movies on this list for some serious chills, goosebumps, and jumpscares.

Classic horror movies have a lot of setbacks compared to modern horror movies. They may lack props, proper stages, or special effects, but the taste of film culture is adequately conveyed through them. That’s one of the many reasons why those old classic horror movies still have a cult following.

Horror movies are categorized into a variety of  film genres, from slasher to supernatural. Evil entities, villains, serial killers, demons, spirits, or supernatural forces lure the viewers into otherworldly adventures.

Not everyone is a big fan of horror movies, but if you are, you can’t miss these twelve best classic horror movies.

1. The Amityville Horror -1979

The Amityville Horror is one of the most terrifying and creepy horror movie clips. The story follows  a young couple who move into a house haunted by the spirits of a mass-murdered family. The movie was based on the book that was written by Jay Anson.

2. The Shining -1980

Based on Stephen King’s novel, The Shining is one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance as an author who has to face his demons and try to keep them together for his family to survive in their new surroundings. This psychopathic horror movie will leave you questioning your own sanity.

3. The Exorcist -1973

Starring Linda Blair, this film is still considered one of the best classic horror movies to date. It ranked number 1 in Rotten Tomatoes’ list of best horror movies. It also won two Academy Awards: Best Actress (Blair) and Best Editing (William H. Reynolds). This is not a jump-scare horror movie but a slow burner that will still be with you long after the closing credits.

4. The Birds -1963

One of the most successful and beloved horror movies, The Birds is a classic horror movie with an incredible story and great acting. This movie is based on the short story “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier. The leading actress, Tippi Hedren, plays a photographer who moves into a house with her boyfriend. The birds start to attack them one after another, and as time goes on, we learn that it’s not just the birds attacking them but also something else.

12 Best Classic Horror Movies You Can't Miss

5. The Blair Witch Project -1999

This is another terrifying and creepy found-footage horror movie that will keep you on edge! A couple goes missing while trying to film a documentary in rural Maryland. Their friends find the couple’s footage, and they decide to go to the site to find them. The movie is based on the book “The Blair Witch Project” by Michael C. Williams.

6. Psycho -1960

One of the most famous horror movies ever of all time; this is a classic that still gives you chills to this day. Alfred Hitchcock’s film was based on the novel by Robert Bloch. The movie revolves around Norman Bates, an emotionally disturbed man who commits murders, but with no knowledge of any wrongdoing. The plot has an excellent psychological play that keeps you shaken up for an entertaining one hour and fifty minutes.

7. Night of the Living Dead -1968

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is a classic horror film that tells the story of several people who are trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse. The group must find a way to escape from the zombie-infested house and get to safety. This movie has become a genre classic, and it will still give you chills when you watch it for the first time.

8. Eyes Without a Face -1962

The movie begins with a woman who loses her husband in a car accident. Later on, she meets an attractive doctor, and they fall in love. However, he is actually a cold-blooded killer who kidnaps women and surgically removes their faces. This film was directed by Georges Franju and starred Jean Seberg as the beautiful protagonist who falls for the villian. The movie relies psychological material and gruesome scenes to drop our jaws in terror.

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -1974

This classic is still spine-chilling today! The story revolves around a group of teenagers traveling to relatives in Texas. Along the way, they are attacked by Leatherface, one of the most famous antagonists in this horror film series. The film had such a significant impact that there was a remade released in 2003,  which was also successful in theaters worldwide.

10. Halloween -1976

The movie takes place on, you guessed it, Halloween, and it revolves around a group of people who are stalked by Michael Myers, a psychotic man who wears a mask with a jack-o’-lantern carved into it. The teenage girl is the main protagonist in this story, and she ends up fighting against Myers and his murderous ways. This film was directed by John Carpenter, who also wrote the script for this great horror movie.

11. Poltergeist -1982

This movie is about the Freeling family that goes through many terrifying incidents and supernatural events. The family consists of Steven (Craig T Nelson), Diane (JoBeth Williams), Robbie (Casper Van Dien), Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke) and Robbie’s son Robbie Jr. This film was directed by Tobe Hooper. It stars an amazing cast of actors like Ellen Burstyn and Craig T Nelson as the parents of the Freeling family.

12. A Nightmare on Elm Street -1984

This is one of the most famous characters in the horror movie franchise, Freddy Krueger’s It debuted in 1984 with this first movie starring Robert Englund as nightmare fuel Freddy. The plot revolves around teenagers who fall asleep and then wake up to find themselves in the dream world of Freddy Krueger. The movie was directed by Wes Craven and starred Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, Robert Englund and John Saxon as the main protagonists.

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