DVD vs BluRay – What makes them different?

DVD vs Blu ray. Most people face this dilemma every time they visit any video game or movie store to buy DVD movies. Technically, the Blu ray disc is the latest technology (in terms of movie discs) that came eight years after DVD format technology. Still today, the difference between them is blurry due to the tremendous market shares of the DVD disc.

This left the majority with the question; “what is the difference between DVD vs BluRay?” In this blog, we will break it down so you can see why the Blu ray disc has more advantages over the standard DVD disc.

Overall Storage Capacity

Comparing DVD vs Blu ray storage capacity will get you only one result – Blu ray disc wins by leaps and bounds. Any standard DVD has a maximum of 4.7 GB of data storage capacity. Typically, this much data storage can accommodate half of a full Ultra HD movie. That means two DVDs equal to one movie.

But a single dual layer Blu ray disc has a massive storage capacity of 50 GB or more, compared to any standard optical disc. That’s enough to hold multiple 4K UHD movies and still leave space for cut scenes.

While the bBu ray starts from 25 GB of storage capacity, Sony planned to extend the number of layers further, making the Blu ray disc hold a whopping 200 GB of data.

Picture Quality and Resolution

Following the recent trend, long-gone are the days when people cared about 480P or 720P videos. Now, people want only 1080 HD or 4K UHD movies. In this battle of picture quality or resolution, Blu ray wins the game.

Generally, per hour of a high-definition movie (1080P) weighs around 3 GB of data space. So, movies past one and half hour needs two DVD discs to accommodate. 4K UHD is out of the question – the best a single DVD disc can hold is a 720P movie.

Comparing DVD vs Blu ray, a single layer Blu ray disc has enough space to hold a 4K UHD movie. Blu ray is made for HD movies and beyond. So, you can get way more graphics with Blu ray.

The recent tech upgrades let us compress HD movies into less than 2 GB and now a single DVD disc can hold up to two movies. But any typical 4K UHD movie consumes more than 14 GB of data. So, Blu ray is the right call.

DVD vs BluRay - What makes them different?

Picture Streaming Quality

The picture quality of a disc also depends on the film streaming capacity. Faster data transmission means smooth video output and no loss of resolution. While the regular DVD disc has a good streaming quality, the most it can stream smoothly is 720P movies.

The Blu ray disc technology uses the blue laser for a faster data transmission rate. So, you can go beyond Dolby Vision HD streaming quality and enjoy movies 4K UHD movies without skips.

Dolby Atmos Audio

Watching HD movies with noisy audio ruins the mood. If you want crisp audio that plays just as natural as it could be, that is when you pick Blu ray as the winner. Blu ray disc can hold studio-quality sounds including heavy audio formats, such as DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, etc. If you own a Blu ray player or Blu ray ripper with a home studio setup, you can enjoy theater-grade sound quality at home.

DVD vs Blu Ray Technological Advantage

We know that both DVD and Blu ray use laser light to read or transmit data from disc to PC or player. The core difference is that DVD uses red laser technology, while Blu ray has blue laser technology. The wavelength of the red laser (650 nm) is actually bigger than the blue laser (405nm).

The shorter the wavelength, the more precise the data transmission rate is. Again, a regular DVD player can’t run Blu ray, but a Blu ray player can run both disc types. Even more impressive, DVD movies sound better on a Blu ray player due to the extensive data reading speed. That’s where technological advantage is.

Also, there is a constructional difference between a DVD disc and Blu ray disc. DVDs are basically thicker and more brittle than Blu ray, making them easier to break. The Blu ray disc is thinner and the grooves are closer. It’s more sturdy and scratch-resistant.

Longevity and Price

You know how much work is required to keep the DVD movies in mint condition if you are a movie collector. With time, a DVD disc builds up fungus on top of the data part, ruining the data over time. Again, DVD discs can be scratched easily, destroying the recorded data in them.

But a Blu ray disc is resistant to most types of scratches and prevents fungus from growing on the data part. That’s why Blu ray costs a bit more than the cheaper standard DVD disc.

Get On With It

The major difference between a Blu ray disc and a DVD disc stands out when you run them on an HD Television. Normal DVD movies won’t produce a clear image, while Blu ray movies will have you slack-jaw in wonder.

We are not going to tell you to throw away your DVD collections and go buy Blu rays. Both have their own value. But, you can pick Blu ray discs for your next video game or movie collection if you want to enjoy better picture quality.

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