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Electronics are one of the most commonly used appliances in any modern household, and some of the most abused ones – but not in a negative sense. In fact, we always use some kind of electronic device, like a cell phone or tablet device to access our personal information anytime, anywhere.

As our technology advances, we seek the latest electronic device to further improve our lifestyle. It is rather common to see people ditch their old electronics without a second thought, without considering selling electronics. True, most consumers of electronics don’t regard them as valuable after a long service period. Many love to chase the latest tech, resulting in an older but functional cell phone or any other electronic device ending up in the trash.

So, what if you began selling electronics that you no longer use? Technically, any electronic device often goes beyond its estimated lifespan; that’s true for the majority. They can even serve multiple generations before becoming obsolete. Let’s learn how to turn old electronics in mint condition into cash with proper recycling.

Does Selling Electronics Worth?

The fact is, most electronics seldom break. The cell phone you are currently using for a year or more could run another couple more years without breaking apart. Most people tend to buy electronics either for an upgrade or to replace a broken device. Then they typically discard the old device or donate old electronics.

The question is, do selling old electronics bear any value to a person? The answer is a resounding yes! In reality, there are people who are willing to buy a second-hand electronic device for a discounted price rather than forking out for a new one. Most electronics don’t get damaged even after using for a decent amount of time, retaining their base performance. So, it’s a better choice for people who are looking for cheap electronics while saving enough for the next upgrade.

Again, if you have the habit of buying electronics as it hits the market,  you will build up a collection of electronic devices at home in no time. It’s true that you won’t be using all of them, or can’t use so many at a time. The best you could do is store them away or give them to someone else. What if you could get back parts of your expenditure back by selling old electronics in your collection? That would be the best course of action.

1. Not Just Cash, There Are More Reasons

As we said before, electronics don’t break too often and most of them could last years before becoming defective. That’s the core reason why the busy backstreet electronics reseller business is booming nowadays.

Hoarding electronics only makes your space cramped while tying up a good portion of your budget. The only way you can get rid of them while not losing much is to sell old electronics for cash online. 

As you may know, recycling electronics is more difficult than producing them. Most recycling stations avoid taking electronics waste due to the lack of proper recycling methods, machinery, or experts. Most go into landfills and oceans, damaging the environment with toxic pollutants built up in the waste.

So, we have limited options to choose from. Of course, there are people selling on Facebook marketplace, but most of them are scammers. So, the best option is to search for reliable vendors in your local market.

You will find many consumer electronics shops around your town that buy and sell used electronics to potential buyers. Mega Media Xchange is one of the esteemed item shops that deal with old electronics, especially, game consoles, used smartphones, Apple TV, tablet computer, household gadgets, and many other electronic gadgets. Known best as a video game store, Mega Media Xchange carries an expanding category of high tech gadgets for men, women, and kids.

So, it takes only a moment to bring in your old electronics to the store for a quick quality and checkup. While you enjoy browsing our store for our impressive collection of merchandise, we will get your cash ready. We are known for our quick service.

2. Know How Much Your Electronic Gadget Worth

Now that you know what to do to get rid of your old gadgets and devices, it’s time to find out how much these old electronics are worth. Not everything that shines is gold, but electronics that are in bad shape barely hold any value. This means, old is gold, but old and broken is worth nothing.

That doesn’t mean we don’t take devices that seem odd or out of place. Mega Media Xchange has experts to take care of your devices. We will clean them, fix them, and also refurbish parts that are too broken to be of any use. Of course, taking care of your device cuts into the final price or payment of the electronics. So, if you can bring devices in mint condition, it will take less time to inspect and evaluate your product for converting into cash.

So, good care before selling electronics always pays off. Whether you are selling to us or elsewhere, some measures beforehand will ensure more return value. Let’s check the quick list below;

  • Television
    Even if the display is not working, you can still get some cash for your old television. However, if the screen is cracked or broken, there will be no buyers for your television. So, check the display first and then see whether it works perfectly. If your television has no remote control or batteries, it will be hard to sell to buyers that don’t want to use universal remote control. A working TV remote is the best but not a must.

To get maximum cash out of your old TV, you should know that many people are looking for large screen TVs. Clean off the dust and make sure there are no scratches on the screen. Also, make sure the refresh rates are fluid with no skips, and have a decent built-in sound system.

Another thing that will affect how much money you get from selling your TV is whether it has HDMI slots or not. For example, if you have an old CRT TV with only composite ports or S-video ports, then chances are that people won’t be interested in buying it from you unless they are looking for a wall-hanging TV as a decoration piece in their house or office lobby area. So just make sure your television has an HDMI port for maximum value.

  • Video game console
    Selling video game consoles can be a tough deal. If you have the original box with all the instruction manuals, you can get more cash out of it. But if your console is not working, then you should sell it as a decoration piece or add it to your personal collection. 

If your video game console is working, then you can sell it at a good price. However, you should check the condition of the hardware and software before selling it to get more money out of it. The best way to get maximum cash from video game consoles is by cleaning them up properly. Make sure there are no dust particles inside the console and wipe off any fingerprints on the screen with a soft cloth before packing everything up for shipping or taking it to a store for selling electronics online.

Make sure to provide original adapters for securing the maximum value for the video game console. Scratches on the console seldom reduce its price, but deep scars are a different matter.

  • DVDs, CDs, and BluRay
    If your DVDs, CDs, and BluRay discs are in good condition, then you can get decent cash for them. You should check if they have scratches or stains on them that affect the quality of the disc. First, check if they are reading properly inside the DVD player. Then, you should check if the record is skip-free. If you find them growing mold on the data record part, bring it to us so we can repair them. Only Mega Media Xchange has advanced disk repair services in the Milwaukee area.

Other than these, we also accept electronics like laptops, MacBooks, tablets, iPods, headphones, VR headsets, etc. For domestic devices, we seek electronics with a clean appearance and proper function.

3. Ensure That No Parts Are Missing

Not all parts of electronics are replaceable. It is important to check that no parts are missing from your electronic item before you bring it to us. For example, a power adapter should be present with a laptop, video game console, and other electronics. If any vital part is missing, then we have no option but to refuse the item for repair.

Of course, we would like to take in electronics with matching power cords, connectors, and cables with original labels. Products in mint condition, enhanced functionality, and clean appearance will go for a higher value.

4. Know Your Device Before You Sell

Knowing your device will not only make you an expert over your electronics but also serve you to sell them for a higher price. When you know ins and outs of the device you are using, you can easily guess the return value even before bringing it to Mega Media Xchange for cash.

All electronics come with user manuals that tell the user everything there is to know. Remembering the manual will make you capable enough to take care of your device better and earn more cash when selling electronics. Small details like the brand, power consumption, product model, quality, etc., will give an edge over the buyer to bargain like a pro. Of course, you can expect our shop to have experts that know the products through and through.

Let Us Help You

If you own electronics that you no longer use but don’t know what to do with them, you have us at Mega Media Xchange to help you out. Just bring your items, be it working or broken electronics, to our shop and we will gladly assist you to find a proper solution to your preferences. We are in business for more than two decades and have the experience that comes with it in dealing with electronic products.

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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